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Supercasting - Independent talent agency

Combination of advanced technology and our knowledge in a fast and easy way allows You to access our database. All you need to do is tell us your needs, and we send you the token to access selected candidates by e-mail.



Who are we?

Supercasting - Independent talent agency

Passionate team of people with extensive experience in all areas of production and casting, with a sincere love for their job and unrelenting thirst and enthusiasm for new projects and challenges. These are the features of Supercasting’s professionals and numerous external, domestic and foreign associates. In search of a challenge, a casting agency was established and didn’t stop its exploration ever since. Constantly looking for new, interesting faces and giving undiscovered talents a chance to show what drives them and what they know, we are determined to find a supercast for all our clients.

We focus on interesting domestic and foreign projects and with the use of new technologies, our clients get online access to preselected cast proposals for their project, which speeds up the process and ensures the quality of the first casting.

Our standards are high, but the only thing we expect from our future colleagues, associates and members is a sincere passion for acting and the desire to move their boundaries! With this recipe, success is guaranteed!

Perfect partner for any project

Supercasting - Independent talent agency

With numerous projects behind us, years of experience in casting and finding the right faces for your needs, every new project is a challenge we easily accept. Movie, commercial, TV series, reality show or video, we will find your supercast! Our database consists of youngsters and elders, big and small, professionals and amateurs just waiting for their chance to participate in your project.


Why we're super

Supercasting - Independent talent agency

Experience and knowledge
Repeating till perfection

Some things you just learn with experience. Luckily, we have 10 years of it and we surely perfected our craft.

Creatively finding solutions

We provide clients with online access to our base of candidates for their project and thus accelerate the process of casting.

Professionally towards realization

Multiblitz studio lighting, Canon 5D mark IV camera and our professional photographers insure each casting is well executed.


With the development of production, technology, constant changes of trends and the arrival of new generations, our knowledge grows and we gain new experiences. Through each project and cooperation, we constantly work on improving ourselves and our services. Our databases expand daily by obtaining new, young talents and numerous super discoveries that you will yet have the opportunity to explore.


Meet our team

Supercasting - Independent talent agency

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Rea Matas
Casting director
Rea Matas - casting director @
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Nives Milješić
Nives Milješić - associate @
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Hrvoje Zalukar
Photographer - associate @
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Dario Matić
Photographer - associate @
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Suzana Zubčić
Casting Manager
Suzana Zubčić - Casting Manager
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